Muslin Wraps

Versatile organic muslin wraps for sale online

As a staple for parents of a newborn, these accessories are the go-to for keeping young ones soothed and feeling secure. Providing exceptional support and comfort, these accessories have been used across the centuries, becoming a crowd-favourite across the board.

These days, there are more functional designs available on the shelves, including high-quality organic muslin wraps online in the Namely Co range. As these have been specifically crafted with top-tier fabrics and craftsmanship in mind, they are essential to all newborn wardrobes.

Why organic buy baby wraps?

These popular accessories have long been a popular item for parents, mostly because of their ability to provide high levels of swaddling and protection. Often noted as being a sidekick for parents of all kinds, organic muslin wraps also work in a number of contexts, making them a highly functional piece.

One of the most common uses is supporting a bub as they sleep. When swaddled with one of these designs, the risk of SIDS is reduced, due to the design’s ability to keep them on their back as they drift off. However, if your infant shows signs of distress whilst being swaddled, we encourage you to consider other methods for calming them at sleep time. For the most part, swaddling provides an effective way of mimicking the environment of the womb they once felt safe and secure in.

Beyond sleep, organic cotton muslin wraps can be incorporated into bath time, allowing washing to become a little easier. Parents often use these essentials to gently clean their bub’s skin, or even as a towel – thanks to their exceptional absorbency. When they’re out of the top, they also work well as a form of protection from the sun, when you’re out and about. Simply draft the piece over the pram as you stroll around, providing optimal shade from harsh rays and heat (and not to mention the elements).

Handy tips from our expert team

Another outside-the-box use for organic cotton muslin wraps is to control the temperature and comfort of your child by wetting or freezing the design. Australia's often fluctuate, so having a handy staple like this on-hand can often provide comfort and relief when you need it most.

Simply place one in the freezer for support during extreme heat, or cover your little one up traditionally during cooler months.

Note: Once you’ve removed it from the freezer, let it sit for a while so that it can thaw and soften effectively. Lightly run the fabric over your baby's head, face and body to reduce their body temperature quickly. However, be careful not to leave it on them for significant periods of time.

Available in a wide variety of looks and feels, organic muslin wraps for sale online will always be a hit with parents across Australia. If you’re not sure where to start in your search for one of these adaptable accessories, we highly recommend you browse our extensive range to get started.