Summer holidays – with kids in tow

Do you remember your summer holidays as a child? Were they lazy beach days, punctuated by sandy salad sandwiches, and Top Deck tan lines? Or cruising on your bike in the caravan park, reunited with your holiday BFFs? Trips to the movies? Long car drives to reunite with cousins or friends?


After an intense couple of years, this summer has a whiff of ‘normal’ life about it, and we think it’s the perfect chance to actually recharge those depleted batteries.


While travelling with young kids isn’t always relaxing in the same way as child free travelling (we love an understatement), it can absolutely be full of the Kodak moments that fuel us through more challenging times.


We’ve pulled together some simple tips to make your summer holidays as idyllic as possible:


  • Comfort and consistency

While holidays are a great chance to break from daily routine, with set mealtimes and bedtimes, ensuring you have some predictable and comfortable elements will help children – especially babies and toddlers – adapt quickly. Don’t forget to pack their favourite blanket, comforter, dummy, a couple of their most loved toys to provide reassurance. A settled babe = more time for parents to relax!


  • Be prepared

Whether travelling by car or plane, ensuring you pack smartly will have you thanking yourself the whole trip (so much better than the alternative…). Here are our ideas:

  • Enough changes of clothes and nappies within easy reach, an outfit popped inside a snap lock bag can make mid-flight or service station changes easier.
  • A blanket to stay cosy is especially important if you’re boarding a plane – the inflight air conditioning can be icy, especially for little bodies! Our Bobble Knit blankets are made from 100% organic cotton, and are both warm and lightweight.
  • It’s also a great idea to pack some ‘surprise’ toys and games – cheap and cheerful, age appropriate little games (you can even check out your local op shops for an eco option) will save you from choruses of ‘Are we there yet?’ or one of those nightmarish highway meltdowns.
  • Snacks! No explanation needed. This is not a suggestion ladies – it’s a must!


  • Take the pressure off

Of course, we all try and do our best for our darling babes all the time. But sometimes taking the pressure off is the best gift you can give yourself. A cheese sandwich is a perfectly acceptable dinner sometimes. A couple of late bedtimes won’t hurt anyone. Holiday memories are often made in the magic moments of flow between the plans.

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