Top 10 Baby Names of 2023

In 2023, classic baby names with regal and historical associations took center stage as our customers' top choices. These timeless and personalised options reflect a renewed appreciation for names that carry enduring elegance and cultural significance.
Dive into our Top 10 Baby Names of 2023 list where each name is as unique as a custom creation, like wrapping your little one in one of our perfectly tailored name blankets!
Top 10 Baby Names of 2023


Harvey, a name filled with vibrant energy and warmth, translates to 'blazing hot' and 'battle worthy.' Picture your little one radiating with a fiery spirit and the strength of a warrior, all wrapped up in a bundle of joy. As a parent, you can imagine Harvey as a beacon of enthusiasm and courage, making each day an adventurous journey filled with love and excitement. Embrace the vibrant essence of Harvey, a name that exudes both playfulness and the unwavering strength that every mother cherishes in her child.


Luca, an Italian-derived name, signifies "light" or "illumination," exuding a lively and warm energy. This vibrant name paints a picture of a life filled with radiant positivity, akin to the bright glow of the sun. Choosing Luca promises a journey illuminated by optimism and warmth.


Noah, an electrifying name with Hebrew roots, embodies a captivating tale of resilience and salvation from the biblical narrative. This name is a beacon of positivity, symbolising rest, protection, and solace. Widely embraced across cultures, Noah's timeless allure is fueled by its dynamic blend of historical significance and contemporary charm.


Hudson, a name associated with a beacon of brilliance and adventure. Rooted in its English origins, Hudson ignites a sense of daring exploration and intellect. Picture a trailblazer, a spirited explorer, and a person with a vibrant heart. Choosing the name Hudson for your baby infuses an exciting energy, suggesting a future filled with curiosity, boldness, and the thrill of new discoveries.

5. MIA

Mia, a name that dances with charm and radiance, holds the promise of sweetness and love. Rooted in different cultures, it carries the essence of "mine" or "my own" in Italian and Scandinavian, echoing a sense of cherished belonging. In Spanish, Mia becomes a whispered declaration of affection, akin to "my love." In every nuance of its meaning, Mia encapsulates a universe of endearment, making it a name that sparkles with warmth, love, and a touch of celestial magic.


Jack, a spirited and timeless name with English origins, carries an electrifying vibe, echoing through medieval history. Rooted in the Hebrew name "Yochanan," meaning "God is gracious," Jack is a powerful blend of simplicity and divine favour. Naming your child Jack promises a thrilling journey, where the grace of God becomes a dynamic force in a life filled with excitement and enduring charm.


Matilda, a name bursting with strength and adventure, promises an exciting journey for your little one, embodying resilience and determination. In the world of baby giggles and tiny footsteps, envision a spirited explorer named Matilda, ready to conquer each day with boundless joy. With its roots in "strength in battle," Matilda is not just a name but a beacon of boldness, sparking excitement in every little milestone.


Isla, a name that sparkles with excitement, is of Scottish origin and means "island." This charming moniker evokes a sense of mystery and adventure, conjuring images of secluded paradises surrounded by the boundless sea. Choosing Isla for a baby adds a touch of thrill to their story, promising a life filled with the allure of exploration and the enchantment of distant shores.


Henry, a name rich in history and timeless charm, brings an air of regal excitement to the world of your little one. Imagine baby Henry, a tiny adventurer with a heart full of curiosity, ready to explore the wonders of life. Rooted in its Germanic origins, meaning "ruler of the household," Henry carries the promise of leadership and joy, making every moment with them an enchanting journey.


Oliver, is a vibrant name with roots in the Old French "Olivier," tracing back to the lively imagery of the "olive tree" in Latin. Evoking notions of peace and prosperity, this name boasts a timeless charm. Oliver brings excitement through its frequent appearances in literature and popular culture, adding a dynamic flair to its classic appeal.

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