Introducing our Namelyco India Family

Namelyco is privileged to work with an incredible group of people around the globe to bring our products to market. When we first meet our knitwear factory 5 years ago they were a little skeptical of these two girls from Melbourne who had a dream to create a brand that made individual personalised product. Something they had never done before but loved a challenge! After a long weekend in India they jumped on board and have stuck with us for the past 5 years. Growing, investing, learning and challenging each other along the way we are proud of how far we and our factory have come.  Due to that growth a lot of young women and men now have stable jobs that give them reliable income. On our recent trip to India we stat down with some of these beautiful people to find out a little more about them.
Our Design Whiz
Meet Sunil -  A expert in Designing intricate and detailed knitwear and responsible for our most intricate creations. A real talent and ambitions to head up the design team.   Sunil's home town was Dehli and now lives in the region of Silvasa with his wife.  He has been perfecting his skills for 12 years in the knitwear trade after completing Mechanical Engineering and Cad Design at collage , he is now a Senior Designer.  His passion is for intricate designs on Cad and loves to continue learning and pushing himself .  A passionate cricket lover and a desire to one day travel and see the beautiful sights of Singapore.
Quality and Compliance Keeper
Jagruty. PI - Head of Quality Department and joined our factory to take them to the next level ensuring they continue to build and develop the best quality and compliance standards in the industry.  Jagruty a smart and clearly intelligent gent woman studied Textile technology at collage and now lives in Silvasa with her Husband and two beautiful children, 10 and 5.  Her children love having a working mother and her motivation is to give them a better future, one that "gives them independence".  Like all mums she has been juggling work and home schooling for the last 2 years through Covid. She loves her job and the factory- its a real family where everyone loves to challenge themselves, learn, teach and problem solve.  Jagruty would love one day to be able to take her son to see the Snow, "he would love it"
Linking Expert
Niru Sandeep Kannas - Knitting Technician linking.  Niru is a beautiful quiet women who is working for all the right reasons. As a recent widower she is working to give her beautiful 3 year old son a better life. This is her first job and she has been able to prove a great asset to the business with her ability in the technical area of linking and garment construction.  She loves what she is doing and its humbling that she is working hard for her son. Niru and her son live close to the factory in Silvasa and in her down time she loves cooking. One day she would love to make it to one of the beautiful temples/Devine places in India. 
Designer going places
Akhila - Designer for Namelyco.  This very special young lady is why we started Namelyco, to give young people a chance to build a future and career. A recent graduate of Textile Management at collage, Akhila has found herself in a wonderful team that has allowed her to grow and develop as a technical Knitting Designer. She is working on Namely every day and loves learning new things and challenging herself- boy do we send in some challenges!!.  With a bubbly personality and can do attitude this girl will surely go places. She would love to work outside of India in Australia or America.  Her other passions include Singing, dancing and drawing. Originally from Kerala she now lives with her Mum and Dad in Silvasa and loves working for our factory as its one big family. She also loves Namely!  
Keeper of the Namelyco Knitting Machine
Rakesh Patel - Senior Knitting Operator.  Rakesh has been working on the machines for the past 7 years at the factory and was there to see Namelyco produce its very first blankets.  He makes sure these machines run smoothly and efficiently to deliver on the high quality standard we and the factory uphold. He loves his job and the team at the factory, the owner "is a lovely man" and its "a nice place to work".  Rakesh is married and has 2 children, a girl 17 and boy 11.  Like everyone you get a strong sense that they are all here to ensure their children have a better life and education for a bright future.  A cricket fan he would love the chance to one day travel to Australia. 
Finishing Technician
Naiza - Knitting Department Finishing.   Attention to detail and an eye for quality is needed when finalising the knitted garments and after 9 years at the factory the beautiful Naiza is an expert. Working along side a group of other ladies, you see them chatting and enjoying each others company as they go about their jobs.  Naiza is also from Silvasa and moved to the area for marriage. She has a beutiful son who is 3years old to keep her busy at home. She loves the people in the factory, its what makes her days. Like all these hard working women they are doing it to for the children and she would love her son to one day be a Doctor.  Cooking is a favourite past time and wow is the food here in india amazing. She has also been working on the Namelyco blankets since we started and loves the "pink ones". 




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