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Bassinet Blankets


Baby pram blankets that Australian bubs have come to love

No matter what stage of the developmental process they’re in, bassinet blankets are a must-have. Providing proper warmth and protection from the elements is crucial to overall health and wellbeing, not to mention the sense of comfort and warmth they bring to the room. When made with quality in mind, these accessories can offer younger ones a sense of security and support as they grow. However, with so many cheaply made options on the market, it’s crucial to opt for labels and brands that recognise top-tier fabrics and materials during craftsmanship.

We’re here to end the search

Somewhere along the line, as you grew up, you may have found yourself rummaging through your parents’ attic for years, in search of your beloved ‘blankey’ you grew up with. Instead of helping with the dishes and the cleaning up after a family gathering, you’d be found rustling about in dusty boxes, sifting through containers, seeking out the old baby pram blanket you’d come to love all those years ago.

It’s also likely you can’t remember a time when you weren’t always in search for having that tattered pink throw by your side to keep you safe and sound, throughout your earliest years.

Personalised Baby cot blankets that become a keepsake

As you move on to become a parent yourself, hunting around for cherished pieces like this often becomes a priority. You want your little one to have something they can hold dear and close, just like you did.

Often, the answer is in looking for high-quality bassinet accessories like these online – just like those in the Namely Co range. Instead of hunting around in local shops for the perfect fit – despite the mass-made appeal you’re more likely to find on the shelves – we’re here to pay homage to top-tier baby accessories, blankets, wraps and designs that can be handed down from generation to generation. We’re here for the family history – not the short-term, so choose from our selection of well-made designs that adhere to these prominent values of ours.