Looking outside the Baby Name books Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places!

If you have a baby, a child, or are pregnant, or are close to anyone who does, then you’ll know choosing a name can be one of the most heated topics – ever!


Opinions are often passionate, debate can be divisive, and selecting a name for the new baby can also be powerful and unbearably poignant – like passing on a family name, or the name of a loved one who is no longer here.


And we all know the story of a friend who was swayed by an in-laws’ (or colleague’s, or friend’s…) judgement of a name for the unborn baby — perhaps this is why so many people keep name choices close to their chest until the announcement.


We are not here to pass judgement on anyone’s chosen name – it is oh-so-personal, and really, nobody’s business but yours. We love all names from the classic to the creative, the traditional to the modern. We are, however, always curious to find out the inspiration behind the names people choose for their babes. Below is a (not-at-all comprehensive, and often anecdotal) trip through #namespo:


  • The Royals

The republic vs monarchy debate may never end, but one thing is for sure – the British Royal family holds a permanent place in the hearts of many Australians. Charlotte has been the most popular name for girls in most Australian states since Prince William and Princess Kate chose the name for their daughter in 2015; and in the five years after George was born, the name jumped 37 spots in the list of most popular Australian names.


  • Politics

Even if we’re not aware of it, the data suggest the names of current day politicians can affect the names we choose for our little ones. For example, the name Melania doubled in popularity in just one year while Donald Trump was in power. And we hope there are some strong, clever little Jacindas coming through soon!


  • Locations

We’ve all heard the rumours about the origin of Brooklyn Beckham’s name 😂 Places of conception, family favourite holiday spots, or places with family history ties are popular choices… Paris, London, Siena, Florence, Phoenix – the list goes on!


  • Hobbies, interests and passions

If there is something sparks joy in you and your partners’ life – why not think about the names associated with these passions. Think ocean lovers choosing Oceana, or Kaia (‘Sea’ in Hawaiian), or those with dose of wanderlust might like Beatrix (meaning voyager), or Noah (wandering).  


  • Literature & Music

Favourite authors, favourite musos, album titles – Dylan might be a nod to Bob Dylan, Zelda (Fitzgerald), an homage to a strong woman and writer, or perhaps Holden inspired by J.D. Salinger's classic The Catcher in the Rye.


  • Parent’s Names

We’ve even heard of people combining the parents’ names to create a new name: Daniel and Jessica could be Danica for example. There are even web generators to show you the options – how crazy/fun is that!

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