Make it personal! Give a gift that’s uniquely ‘you’.

Make it personal!
Give a gift that’s uniquely ‘you’.

I don’t know about you, but when the end of the year approaches, so does the Gift Dread… and the pressure. We know Mum's often carry the burden of work for Christmas (and gift giving in general, actually), as well as fostering the joy and anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year.

But don’t forget – giving a gift can be special, not just for the person that receives it, but for you too. Here we give some tips on how to make it personal; you’ll feel the difference, and they’ll feel the love, as you hand it over!

A gift that will last

Every time I look at something in my home that was given to me, I get a little rush of happiness because of the obvious love and thought behind it.

Our soft, beautiful blankets and throws and are ‘that’ kind of gift; they are specially chosen by you, for that special baby, child in your life. From the beautiful soft colours, the stunning designs and even the wording (their name or a special nickname, or simply something like ‘darling’) you choose, it will create a connection between you and the person it warms. It’s a gift that will last too – an heirloom item, that can be passed on and treasured forever. And being designed in Australia, made from the softest organic cotton and luxurious cotton/cashmere yarn and not a ‘fast fashion’ item – they’re good for the world, too!

Surround it with love
Sometimes you can make a big impact with small details, like wrapping and cards – and for me at least, doing crafty activities is a nice respite from the hard work of life with kids! Speaking of kids – get them involved! Get them to create ‘beautiful artworks’ (with colours you choose – no need for the old ‘all paint mixed in to make a horrendous brown’ approach!) on butchers’ paper, dry it, and boom! Personalised wrapping paper. You can also get blank cards from Kmart and if your kids are up to the task, let them draw/paint/decorate the front of the cards. If you’d prefer it a little, err, neater (!) you can get out the glue stick and get going yourself! Textured paper, scraps of beautiful material, stamps and stencils can all quickly bring a bit of beauty to a plain card; and mean a lot more too.

Down to the tiny details

If the gift is for a new baby or mum, including some extra bits and bobs will make a huge impact (maybe even bring a tear!). Consider adding your favourite products, little things like soft baby socks (you can never have enough in my view!), a handy pram clip, or a water bottle that can be operated with one hand for the busy new Mum! You could even include something special from when your child was a baby. This will show you’re thinking of them and supporting them even when you’re not there.

Write from the heart

Put some heart into what you write on a card or tag – not all of us are poets (what an understatement – I’m a ‘Roses are red’ kinda girl myself!) but you can still speak from your heart. You could describe the feelings you’d like it to evoke (‘We hope you feel the love as well as the warmth when you use this blanket!’ or ’We can’t wait to see how excited you are when Santa fills your new Christmas stocking!’). And when in doubt, there are always song lyrics – why reinvent the wheel?

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