How to spoil a new mum from afar


It’s such a strange time to have a new baby, and strange for the village of that new baby and new mum as well – usually we’d be able to pop around, fold washing, cuddle the baby while mum sleeps, but for many of us in the world at the moment, it’s just not possible.

Strange times call for some creative problem solving (who else has used every single thing in their house for panic craft activities?! My sticky tape has never worked so hard), so we’ve been thinking of some ways we can spoil our new mums and still make this time feel special and magical.

First – stay in contact. Send them little texts to say you’re thinking of them or ready to listen if they want to talk, post them little postcards or letters or photos, let them know you’re available for baby spam (everyone wins, right!)… having a newborn is isolating enough without a pandemic, so keep those lines of connection open while making sure mama knows she’s under no pressure to reply.

Second – feed ‘em! Thinking of what you and the rest of your family will eat when you’ve just had a baby can feel almost impossible! Why not give them a Hello Fresh Gift Card (genius) with strict instructions for dad to cook? Or make them a meal kit yourself – a bit of pulled pork, salad and brioche buns are a delicious and easy meal. Offer to do their supermarket shopping, make breastfeeding cookies, drop over a cake or banana bread.

 Third – see if you can outsource anything for them – pick up their washing and return it clean and folded, make a birthday cake for a bigger sibling or even take them to the park. Send over activities for bigger kids or organise an outing for the family. Imperfect help is better than perfect inaction so just give it a go!

Fourth – spoil them. Buy them something that has nothing to do with the baby – a beautiful scarf or a bag they’ve had their eye on. Their favourite chocolate (or soft cheese!). Organise a drive by for their birthday where their nearest and dearest wave and hoot and holler from the car (if the baby is awake, obviously). A new nail polish – anything that links them back to their old self and lets them know you’re thinking of them.

And lastly – show your love for the baby. This is so easily done in person but harder from afar! You could celebrate the baby’s name by buying them one of our gorgeously soft bespoke knit blankets, or making them a card by hand. Write the baby letters for mum to read them! Buy a book with a promise to read it to them when you can. Mothers love to see their babies well-loved and there are lots of creative ways you can do this.

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