Namelyco's Easter Traditions

As Easter approaches, we're excited to share some of our favourite Namelyco family traditions that make this season so special. 

One thing we love is writing letters to the Easter Bunny! It's such a fun and heartwarming activity to sit down with our little ones and jot down their Easter wishes, dreams, and maybe even a few questions for our fluffy friend.

The best way to start your activity is by gathering around the table with your little ones, armed with coloured pencils, glitter and boundless imagination. Crafting these letters becomes a family affair, as everyone shares their Easter wishes, expresses gratitude, and enjoys quality time together.

Curious what kind of questions might spark a conversation with the Easter Bunny? Here are some suggestions:

- What's your favourite Easter treat?

- Do you have any Bunny buddies that help with your deliveries?

- What brings you the most joy about Easter?

And speaking of Easter traditions, how about the classic one of leaving out carrots for the Easter Bunny? It's always such a delight to see the sheer joy on your little ones' faces when they discover the Bunny's surprise. Who knows, maybe they'll find a sweet note or a tiny treasure left in return, adding that extra touch of magic to your family's Easter celebration!

Have you checked out our Easter collection yet? It's filled with personalised goodies to make this Easter extra special. Hop over to our Easter Collection and find the perfect treats for your family!

Wishing you a hoppy Easter filled with love and laughter,

The Namelyco Team

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