Namley co Little Dreamers Blog Series - Behind the scenes with Hannah

In our quest to share some of our most loved NAMELY SPACES we have gone behind the senes with some of our favourite influencers to get all the nitty gritty details on life, styling and what is next on the NAMELYCO Wishlist. 
First up is the completely gorgeous Hannah from @hanlsmith_
Tell us a little bit about yourself?
A Mum of two to Poppy (5) and Lottie (4 months). I love being creative & I also dabble in a bit of social media management as a little side hustle.


What do you love most about being a Mum?
I love that you will never know a greater love than that of loving your babies.
What is the most important thing Lottie/Poppy has taught you?
The most important thing the girls have taught me is to slow down.
How do you find harmony between being a parent and running your own personal brand, whilst still finding time for yourself?  
It is a really hard juggle but I make sure all the boring things are done during the week when Poppy is at school so on the weekends we can just spend time as a family and have fun. I actually prefer family time then having time to myself 🙈


What is your top tip for creating a stylish yet functional kids bedroom?

 I think having great storage options is key to creating a functional room & stylish room (makes it easy to tidy as well). And strategically placed items- display shelves with pieces we may not want to play with, baskets filled with toys easy for the kids to grab. I have raffia baskets under the bed for Poppy to pull out which are all in categories- babies, lego, stuffed toys etc

Is there a key piece a parent should start with when styling their child's room?
I would begin with deciding on a colour palette (try to keep to 2-3 colours) then you can incorporate these into your bedding (I love some bedding layers) and decor pieces that have a touch of your core colours. 
What is on your current NamelyCo Wishlist?
I am currently eyeing off the dusty sage & coconut blanket for Poppy’s bed!

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