Namley co Little Dreamers Blog Series - Behind the scenes with Micaela


In our quest to share some of our most loved NAMELY SPACES we have gone behind the scenes with some of our favourite influencers to get all the nitty gritty details on life, styling and what is next on the NAMELY CO wishlist. 


Introducing gorgeous Micaela from @babyjesseandme


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey there! My names Micaela and I’m a 27 year old mum of one living in England in the UK! I became a first time mum to little Jesse in the height of the global pandemic back in 2020. It’s been a challenge to say the least but being a mum is the best thing to ever happen to me. When I haven’t got my parent hat on I’m up the hospital delivering babies as I’m a midwife! I absolutely love my job and cherish every moment in it! Balancing work and home life is something I’m still trying to figure out but aren’t we all! I started up my Instagram to reach out to other pandemic mummies and to share my love for neutral interior which I love doing in my spare time!


What do you love most about being a Mum?

I could write an entire list but essentially, seeing Jesse grow, develop and change into the most courageous, cheeky, loving little boy despite the world he’s grown up in has got to be the best and more rewarding thing. He’s a complete mummy’s boy too so I enjoy all the snuggles all of the time!


What is the most important thing Jesse has taught you?

Resilience. When they say becoming a mum changes you they’re not wrong! Definitely in a good way. I’ve learnt to be strong, to speak up, to enjoy every moment and above all be resilient. I’ve found a new confidence in myself and it’s magic!


How do you find harmony between being a parent and running your own personal brand, whilst still finding time for yourself?  

In terms of Instagram it’s knowing when to take the time away to remember to prioritise, I work 3 long shifts a week, I spend time with my friends, my fiancé and of course Jesse. Instagram fills in the gaps not the other way round! But it’s a learning curve for sure.

What is your top tip for creating a stylish yet functional kids bedroom?

Start with the basics and add the accessories! Once you’ve got your essential furniture you can build up on so many different pieces in all sorts of textures and colours to bring it to life! Toy rotation is a must too. Promoting independence and creating a space for play too!


Is there a key piece a parent should start with when styling their child's room?

Storage! I have so many different pieces of storage for different things! Baskets, shelving, tubs! All to keep Jesse involved and entertained also aesthetically pleasing storage is a win!


What is on your current NamelyCo Wishlist?

What isn’t?! I’m so excited when I see sneaky peeks of the new collection! The rompers and sweaters are definitely up there as they look absolutely beautiful. I’m also definitely after another cashmere blanket in another colour because I adore our blanket! We love Namely Co! 


Shop Jesse's Room 

Cotton Cashmere - Ivory & Mink Blanket 



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