Snug as a bug in a… knit!

Winter is coming (in the southern hemisphere, anyway) and lots of people where we are, in Melbourne, may say that summer never actually arrived anyway, but we have a confession…

We love the cooler weather. 

Don’t get us wrong; we love summer too, but we especially love to see babies snuggled up warmly, as snug as a bug in one of our beautiful, soft, knit blankets! With just their little faces peeking out from under their beanies, we love tiny mittens and knowing we have their warmth all wrapped up.

We’re particularly excited about our new collection of knit blankets, called ‘Knitly Co’ (see what we did there?). When there’s a brand-new bundle on the way, and you want to meet them with a beautiful gift in hand – these are the blankets for you. When you’re secretly expecting a new member of the family and want to buy that special first thing that shows how loved they are already – this is the one for you.

The new blankets in the Knitly collection come in four different styles (make sure you check out the pointelle, it is DREAMY) and a range of the most beautiful colours we could imagine, including rose bloom, cream, sea blue… the list goes on!

And don’t let their beauty fool you; these knits are practical; made with 100% organic cotton they can easily be washed and dried at home! Remember, we’re mums as well as business women 😉

Every blanket is packaged in a gorgeous cloth carry bag and wrapped in tissue paper – they are the perfect gift to treasure for a lifetime – and even more, they’re pieces you’ll want to hold onto for the day your baby has their babies! And while they can help any nursery look stunning, or look beautiful while your baby lies on them chatting happily away, we most love to see them keeping your baby nice and warm, as if they’re wrapped in love.


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