Wrapping presents… but make it sustainable

Have you ever had a kid’s birthday and looking around at all the wrapping paper thinking;

‘oh god, there’s so MUCH!’

‘Surely there’s a better way?!’

That feeling of opening a wrapped present is a treasured childhood memory for lots of us – the anticipation, the guessing, the slow reveal… what could be better? Keeping all that, plus less clean up and caring for our beautiful environment, is what!

A reusable gift bag can do all that – it can be used year after year, it can have kids and grown-ups guessing what’s inside, only for the magic to be revealed when opened.  

The good news is that at Namely we make beautiful ’Santa’ sacks that totally work as birthday wrapping as well.

They’re gorgeous, personalized, a great size (60cm x 80cm) 100% organic cotton and in some of the stunning (and not very Christmassy) colours; stone blue, rose bloom, mustard, dark forest, rose pink and baked apple with a sweet pompom detail. These heirloom items will create a new and beautiful tradition for your family; without the mess.

And as a bonus, if you order 3 (or more) Santa Sacks we’ll give you 15% off! At checkout use code: ‘Christmas’.

So… sustainability, that delicious sensation of suspense and a sale? Must be time for a Santa sack 😜

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